Key Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Commercial Poop Service

Hiring professional dog poop services can bring several benefits. Unlike DIY or trusting one of your neighbors to clean your community’s pet waste bins, a commercial dog poop removal company can help keep you clean and save you time and money.

If you’re a community organizer or complex apartment manager considering hiring a poop service, this guide will help you make the best decision. We’ll look into the main questions you should consider before selecting a pet waste removal company. Continue reading!

5 Key Aspects To Consider When Choosing Poop Scoopers

    1. For How Many Years Has This Organization Been Operating?

Working with an experienced commercial pet waste removal company is always best. A business that has been around for many years will likely have more expertise and experience in this field, which is extremely beneficial for your community.

    1. How Many Pet Waste Scoopers Make Up Your Team?

A big team of poop scoopers is perfect when your pet waste removal needs are bigger. Make sure you know how many technicians work for the company you’re considering so there’s no delay in the delivery of services.

    1. Are Their Technicians Employees Of Your Business, Or Do They Work Independently?

It’s important to know if the pet waste removal service you are considering is responsible for employing their technicians and providing them with appropriate safety training or if they are independent contractors. This way, you may be aware of who you’re working with and ensure the safety standards are being followed.

    1. What Kind Of Tools Do They Use?

Inappropriate or improper use of tools can result in a bad outcome, so ask this question. Good technology may include special tools such as scoops, shovels, heavy-duty garbage bags, protective gloves, etc.

    1. What Protocols Do They  Have To Ensure The Waste Is Properly Disposed Of?

It’s important to ensure that pet waste is handled and disposed of properly. Ask your potential partner what protocols they have to ensure the waste is treated and disposed of safely.

Don’t Let Your Community Suffer From Pet Waste!

Choosing the right dog poop service for your community can be difficult. But if you consider the important questions above, you will be on your way to a favorable outcome. At Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management, we’re a team of professional technicians with the best tools and technologies to handle your pet waste removal needs.

Since we opened our doors in 2017, we have helped countless communities keep their spaces clean and pet-friendly. We understand that dog poop carries potential health risks, from bacteria to viruses, so we follow proper disposal protocols. Plus, we offer special quotes for our one-time pet waste removal services, so don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re here to help you!

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