Best Pet Waste Removal Service In Piedmont, OK

Being an adult comes with many responsibilities, from waking up early for work to dealing with traffic, picking up the kids at school, and of course, scooping your dog’s poop. Although you adore your furry friend, no one takes pleasure in picking up their poop. And at Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management Service, in Piedmont, OK, we truly understand that.

Since 2017, we’ve been providing the residents of Piedmont, OK, with professional poop-scooping services that help them keep their property looking clean and poop-free. We love dogs just as much as you do and know how overwhelming it can be to scoop their poop daily. So if you’re looking for a ”pooper scooper near me”, you’re at the right place!

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 We’re The Complete Pet Waste Removal Company In The Area

Even though dealing with your pet’s waste can be a disgusting experience, it’s an important part of your family and pet’s health. As a family-owned and operated business, we know that although you’d do almost everything for your dog, cleaning up poop is not the favorite on the list. That’s where we come in!


Our poop scoop services are entailed in three different packages:

Residential Dog Waste Removal

Our residential pet waste removal services are customized to the requirements of each family. Our technicians will visit your home on a regular, scheduled basis – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. After scooping, we’ll dispose of it in an environmentally safe way and sanitize the area to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Commercial Waste Removal

Our commercial poop-scooping solutions keep pet-friendly areas like trails, dog parks, and other public places clean. We install and maintain receptacles in the area so that residents and visitors are encouraged to clean up their pet’s mess.

One-Time Dog Waste Removal Service

Let us help you keep your property clean; whether a casual cleaning or a special event, we’ll help you keep the area clean and safe. We’ll come to your home and remove pet waste from your yard. So you can enjoy your spaces without worrying about the mess.

Don't Let Pet Waste Take Over Your Property Or Event

Dog poop smells and looks bad and can affect your family and community’s health. Be the one who takes action and keeps your property poop-free with our professional help. 

At Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management Services in Piedmont, OK, we understand that having a little furry friend is a huge responsibility, so we’re here to help! We have all the necessary experience and expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and comprehensive poop-scooping services to make your life easier.

The plan’s easy; stop looking for a ”pooper scooper near me” and fill out our form or contact us via phone or text. We’ll schedule an appointment based on your convenience, so you can enjoy a satisfactory area without moving a finger!

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