Pet Waste Removal Company In Choctaw, OK

Entering into a house that smells of poop is any pet owner’s worst nightmare. Not only does it cause foul odors throughout the space, but it can become infinitely worse if not addressed quickly. This is a scenario you should never experiment with, and at Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management Services, we know that.

We’re highly trained and experienced poop-scooping professionals with over 6 years of experience. We operate in the Choctaw, OK, area and provide poop-scooping services for residential and commercial properties. So if you’re dreaming about having a perfect dog-parent life without poop messes, we’re to help you!

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Our Services Are Here To Avoid The Mess Of The Century

Whether not having the time or simply not having the right poop-scooping tools, poop messes can quickly accumulate. And even the smallest poop pile can change the atmosphere of your home or office. It can be incredibly difficult to remove yourself.


This is why we offer various pet waste removal services to turn your pet owner’s life into a poop-free paradise. We provide:

Residential Dog Waste Removal

We’re a family-owned and operated business that truly understands what dealing with our pet’s waste is like. So our technicians work with you to set up the appointment on a schedule that works for you. After our residential waste removal, we dispose of them properly and sanitize the area to ensure your family and pets remain clean and healthy.

Commercial Waste Removal

Our commercial poop-scooping services include dog parks and other public places. We install & maintain receptacles in these common areas to encourage pet owners to dispose of their poop bags properly. This way, we ensure you avoid maintenance costs and keep the community’s health in good condition.

One-Time Dog Waste Removal

Our one-time waste removal services are designed to help pet owners during specific situations, such as special events. We’ll visit your home and ensure all pet waste is removed before the event begins, leaving you with nothing to worry about.


Keep The Fresh Air In Your Home Or Office With Our Help!

Shoutouts to you for the amazing dog parent you already are; now allow us to take one of your biggest worries off your shoulders and schedule our poop scoop services. We’ve been helping pet owners like you since 2017 around Choctaw, OK, so we have all the experience and expertise to get rid of that unpleasant smell properly.

Those ugly smells can strongly set up in your house, so we’re prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment. Stop searching for a ”pooper scooper near me”; the plan is simple: Fill out our form or give us a call, and schedule the appointment at your most convenient time. We’ll take it from there!

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