How Often Should Your Dog Be Pooping?

Did you know there is no specific place or time your dog poops? Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not always poop in the backyard. Some dogs choose to poop inside the house! They don’t have a standard schedule since this depends on each dog’s digestive system.  

However, it’s important to ensure your dog is going at least once a day and no more than five if they are adults. But how does this process work? It takes dogs roughly 4 hours to digest their food, but many things can dictate your dog’s potty times. Keep reading this blog post to learn more!

Things That Can Affect Your Dog’s Pooping Schedule

Your dog’s pooping schedule can be affected by many factors, including diet, environment, and health. Some issues that may interfere with your pet’s poop schedule include constipation, diarrhea, changes in food or diet, travel, emotional distress, and even illness or injury. The most common are the following:

– The amount of food they have eaten: To put it plainly: the more your dog eats, the more they’ll want to poop. 

– The fiber in their food: Dogs need a balanced diet since too much fiber can lead to constipation. 

– Their age: As your dog ages, they will probably poop less and less, while puppies can poop over five times a day. 

– Medication: Some types of medication can increase or decrease the amount of poop your dog is making. Make sure to check the side effects of the medicines your pet is taking. 

– Stress or anxiety: Like humans, emotional distress can cause dogs to have irritable bowels. 

You can also check the poop’s consistency, color, and size to keep track of your pet’s health. 

Picking Up Your Dog’s Poop: How Often Should You Do It? 

If you’re reading this blog post, you don’t only track how often your dog is pooping: you’re also the person who has to pick up their mess. This kind of pet waste can contain multiple microorganisms, like parasites and bacteria, that can be harmful to you and your pet. To avoid exposing yourself and others, it’s important to clean your dog’s poop often and correctly. 

If you only have one dog, you can clean after their droppings thoroughly every few days or at least once a week. However, if you have three dogs or more, you need to pick up their droppings at least once a day or every time they poop to keep your home clean. 

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