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The Scoop on Dog Poop: Everything You Need To Know

Taking care of your pup’s well-being is a big responsibility, and one detail you absolutely must pay attention to is dog feces! That’s right – believe it or not, the state and shape of their doo-doo can tell you a lot about their health. If things aren’t quite popping out as they should, medical consultations may be in order.

This blog was designed to help guide pet owners in getting a better grasp on good bowel health. Learn what healthy dog feces should look like, what changes in your pet’s poop to look out for, when something might be amiss, and more. 

How To Tell if Your Dog’s Feces Are Healthy

When first examining your dog’s poop, you should look out for certain key elements:

  • Poop Color: Generally, healthy dog poop should be brown or dark green. If your puppy’s poop is red or black, it could be a sign of blood in the stool and should be checked by a vet.
  • Consistency: Depending on your pup’s eating, healthy dog poop should have a consistent texture and shape. It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft; it should look like a firm log.
  • Content: Healthy dog poop should contain some undigested food and be free of worms or parasites. If you notice any odd-looking specs, it’s best to get your pet checked out.
  • The Coating: Healthy dog feces should also have a glossy, smooth coating. This is an indication of normal digestion and absorption in the gut. If it looks grainy or dry, it could point to a more serious issue.

Dog ownership isn’t all fun and games. Keeping your pup healthy is essential, and taking care of their waste can be just as critical. After all, it’s not unusual for dogs to experience digestive problems from time to time.

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