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A Closer Look At 5 Environmentally-Friendly Poop Bag Brands

Removing our furry friend’s poop is an important part of the pet owner’s responsibility. Although it is a not-so-pleasant task, pet waste removal is essential to keep our pets and our environment healthy. With the proper residential pet waste management, we can help reduce pet waste pollution and protect the environment. Also, it can prevent pet waste-related health problems and pet overpopulation.

So if you’re a homeowner wondering about the importance of searching for “pet waste removal near me,” this article is for you. We will review 5 pet waste bag brands, so you can make the best decision for your pet’s needs. Continue reading!

5 Pet Waste Bag Brands You Can Use

  1. Harry Barker “No. 2” Bags

It’s a convenience of 15 strong and biodegradable bags per roll; you can choose between 3 or 8 rolls individually wrapped in plastic for portability, or go truly green by investing in a recyclable paper box containing 18 amazing rolls to save resources while expressing commitment towards preserving our planet’s future.

  1. Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags

If you are environmentally minded, these tapioca starch bags make a great choice! Renewable resources and no GMOs were used in the production of this bag, which also features an eye-catching deep green hue sourced naturally. Knowing that your purchase has generated minimal carbon emissions brings peace of mind to any consumer.

  1. Earth Rated Poopbags

These naturally scented lavender bags are rolled onto recycled-paper cores and break down hundreds of times faster than ordinary plastic – in as little as 24 months, you’ll be left only with natural carbon dioxide and water. Make your next landscaping chore both aromatherapeutic and eco-friendly!

  1. BioBag

This brown bag has an extraordinary story to tell. Not only does it contain non-genetically modified starch sourced from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin – making it sustainable and eco-friendly – but its production also reduces gas emissions while consuming less energy and natural resources that are irreplaceable.

  1. Flush Doggy

Not only is this bag’s signature translucent whitish hue attractive, but it’s made from a special PVA material that makes it both biodegradable and flushable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors or toxins. As soon as you dispose of your waste using this product, it will decompose without issue. 

Hire Pet Waste Management Services For Optimum Efficiency!

There’s more to pet waste removal than just using the right bag. The entire pet waste management process can be tedious, and it’s important to enlist the help of pet waste removal experts. We at Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management are here to help. We offer residential pet waste management services that make pet waste removal simple and easy.

Our experienced pet waste management specialists will do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. We use pet-friendly and pet-safe products, so if you’re searching for “pet waste removal near me,” you can count on us to handle the pet waste removal with maximum efficiency!


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