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Frequently Asked Questions

You can call/text us at 405-837-6357, through our website, or send us a message via our facebook page. We will set up your initial appointment and work with you to determine a waste management schedule that works for your needs.

No, service is not subscription or contract based. You may initiate or opt out of service at any time.

We bill monthly on the 1st of every month. We will send your first invoice via email shortly after your initial cleanup. It will be prorated to account for the number of weeks left in the month. The email invoice will have the option to save your credit or debit card information for future payments. The following invoices will be charged (if a card is on file) or sent on the 1st of every month. If there is no card on file it will be due by the 14th. At that time if payment still hasn’t been received, services will be put on hold until payment is received. If it has been more than a week since the last cleanup once restarted, an initial cleanup surcharge will apply to the first cleanup to account for the excess waste. Late fees of $20 a month will kick in for invoices over a month due. For one time cleanups, payment is due at the time of service.

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards. Most of our clients choose to save there payment information. We use the Square app, a safe and secure payment service.

No. You will be notified one day prior to service, and asked to leave your gate unlocked if you will not be present for service. If you are concerned about personal safety issues associated with leaving your gate unlocked, we are happy to loan out locks at no cost for your service. We also ask that you restrain dogs that are not comfortable with strangers for the safety of our team and your pets.

Between yards, we sanitize our equipment and shoes with a commercial grade disinfectant and virucide. This formula kills dangerous contaminants like canine distemper, bordetella, and parvovirus among others.

We generally provide service on weekdays, but schedules may vary depending on weather conditions and scheduling conflicts.

If your yard hasn’t been cleaned up in more than a week then their will be an additional charge added to account for the excess accumulated waste. See our rates page for more info.

Yes we do! Let everyone know about our services. When they sign up and mention your name you will get a FREE cleanup! There are no limits to the number of people so “refur” away!

Let us know before heading to your home and you will not be charged for that weeks service. If the dog(s) will be gone from the yard for a couple of weeks, or if for some other reason you want us to skip your yard for more than a single service day, we can put your service on hold and you will not be charged for those days. Please note that if you choose to put your service on hold or skip a cleanup you may be charged an initial cleanup fee if your dogs have still been using the yard once you resume service. This is due to the fact of having more waste in the yard than normal will take us a lot more time to get your yard back to being clean.

We will give our workers the following days off to spend with their families, so we won’t be out on these days: 1)New Years Day 2) Memorial Day 3) July 4th 4) Labor Day 5) Thanksgiving Day 6) Christmas Day

We will work in most weather, but there may be days when heavy rain, snow, or very cold weather can stop us. If there is more than half an inch of snow, we will postpone that day’s service until the next day or two when the snow melts away. If snow stays on the ground for more than a week but there is no new snow to cover it, we will do regular cleanups to prevent excessive buildup of dog poop in your yard. We will usually work in the rain too, although very heavy rainfall or thunder and lightning may postpone our service. If we have to postpone cleanups for the week due to weather there will no credits due to the next cleanup will take twice as long with twice as much to cleanup. We hope you understand our reasoning behind this.

Yes please do. We don’t allow our employees to climb or jump over fences, so please have your gate unlocked on your service day. If you don’t have a lock then of course you can disregard this section. We can also loan you a lock at no cost for you if you prefer to have your gate locked for our ease of entry.

There will be no charge for service(s) missed due to something that was our fault (eg. vehicle problems, sickness, etc.). However, if your gate is locked, or the dog(s) will not allow us to clean the yard when we come to do the work, there will still be a charge for the service call that could not be completed as we have driven all the way to your home and the following week will have twice as much to cleanup. We will discuss the incident and work with you so it doesn’t happen again. We also loan out locks free of charge. Some clients find this easier as they do not have to remember to unlock it before work. That way your gate stays locked and we lock it back after service is completed.

In most cases YES! We love dogs! But we don’t want to take unnecessary risks with your dog or our workers. Sometimes a dog will simply not allow us into the yard, making it unsafe for us. If your dog is aggressive with strangers, or if it becomes apparent to us that your dog will not let us in, then we will ask you to keep your dog inside or confine them on the day we come to scoop.

If your number of dogs changes please let us know ASAP. We want to make sure you are only charged for the correct number of fur babies you have. We also appreciate your honesty! We are also sorry if you do happen to lose a pet. This is never an easy occurrence as they are a part of the family. Our condolences go out to you!

We definitely appreciate the review as it helps us a lot! We live off the help of our awesome clients. We know how valuable your time is, so for leaving us a review we will give you your next cleanup for half off (not to include any initial cleanup surcharge).

We PROMISE that you will get service you are happy with or you don’t have to pay for it! We know our business depends on doing excellent work, and it’s the quality of our service on which we stake our success. We are working very hard to make our name mean reliable, high-quality service. We strive to provide perfect service, so if there is ever a time when our service is not completely satisfactory, please let us know right away. We will make it right, either by coming back to re-clean the yard the same or next day, or by crediting your account so you won’t be charged.

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