About Our Pet Waste Removal Company OKC

Founded By a Family of Dog-Lovers

Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management is operated and owned by my wife and I DJ and Diandra Reich. We both grew up in Oklahoma City. I spent six years serving as an Army medic, then four years as a paramedic before ultimately becoming a pediatric ICU nurse.

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How it all started

It started in 2017 we discovered a need for this specialty in our local community. Many people we knew didn’t have the time to clean up their pet’s waste, or were simply physically unable to do so due to medical or physical limitations.

We started out by offering our dog poop removal services to just a few people and quickly found what a high-demand niche this service turned out to be. We decided to turn it into a pet waste management business as a result of the community response, and expanded our services to include commercial areas and special occasions in order to best serve the community.

Why Private Pile’s?

As a family of dog lovers, we understand how much dogs mean to their families. We also understand what a burdensome task it can be to spend so much of your free time cleaning up your dog’s waste rather than spending that time enjoying the company of your beloved pets and family.

Many members of the community work full-time jobs, travel often for work, and have limited time and energy as a result of raising a family. So we at Private Pile’s Pet Waste Management set out to do outstanding work and remove the task of cleaning up after your beloved pets so you can spend your time on what’s most valuable: enjoying your family.


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